Essexville Electric Salutes Military Members, Veterans


On this Veterans Day and every day, Essexville Electric salutes our active military members and veterans. We appreciate your service and sacrifices that make this country great. Among our veterans on the Essexville Electric team:
• Bill Sponseller, Marines
• Tom Trouten, Navy
• Simon Tullett, Army
• Jerry Cornell, Army
• Dennis Caney, Air Force
• Scott Deska, Navy

In addition, these Essexville Electric team members would like to honor their veteran family members:
• Russ Worsley, brother, Army
• Tom Trouten, father, Army
• Art Bissonnette, father, Air Force
• Simon Tullett, father, English Army
• Jerry Cornell, son, Army
• Scott Deska, father, Air Force
• Jeanne Rich, father, Air Force
• Gustin Sponseller, father, Marines
• Cade Sponseller, grandfathers, Navy and Marines
• Xan Sponseller, husband and father, Marines and Army
• Mark Rezmer, brother, Army

Thank you, veterans and active military members. Essexville Electric recommends the Wounded Warrior Project for those seeking to donate toward veteran causes.