Spring is Near: Get Your Power Plan in Place


It has felt nearly impossible here in the Great Lakes Bay Region, but spring officially starts on Thursday. And with the promise of spring comes another certainty: Spring storms. Don’t wait until you’re without electricity to assess your power needs.

Bad weather can knock out power to your home or business, causing major inconvenience or creating a dangerous environment the longer your electricity is out. With the power solutions offered by Essexville Electric, a home standby generator unit can be permanently installed to back up your utility power, and will come on when utility power goes out – whether you are home or not!

In our Allegiant Power Solutions program, we set up your generator only when you need it, and takes it away when you don’t. We keep you out of danger and get you back to your routine quickly when a power outage strikes.

Take steps toward getting prepared today. Learn about all the backup generator options we offer here.