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Generators are motors. Just like any other motor, they require routine maintenance. At ESCON Group, we can provide the parts for you to maintain your own machine or we can perform the maintenance for you.

Here’s how it works:

For the do-it-yourselfer, we offer all the parts and supplies you’ll need in your showroom. Our technicians are happy to answer your questions.

If you’d rather we take care of the maintenance, we offer two options. We can inspect, clean and repair your generator once a year or twice a year. It’s your choice.

A service visit includes:
  • Checking the fuel lines and connections.
  • Checking the oil level, filters, cooling system, links and moving mechanisms.
  • Assessing the generator’s general condition (vibration, noise, leakage, temperature, levelness and Enclosure Louvers.)
  • Examining the battery and battery cable to remove corrosion, ensure dryness, clean and tighten terminals, check charge state and load check.
  • Applying conditioner and wax to the outside enclosure.
  • Checking the engine and mounting air cleaner, spark plugs and valve adjustments.
  • Inspecting the external connection box to tighten terminals, check for proper operation and control wiring connection.
  • Examining the electrical systems for no load output voltage, line to line, line to neutral, line to ground, grounding conductor, DC control fuse, battery charger fuse and the auto/off/manual switch.
  • Inspecting the transfer switch.
  • Inspecting any add-ons.

We ask for a signed contract from customers who choose to have us maintain their generator. A maintenance visit is $250, which is due prior to the service date. Any additional repair work will be billed at standard service rates. Owners will be informed before we make any repairs over $100.

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