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On-Demand Solutions

With our on-demand program, you get all the security of a portable generator without any of the risk of installing it yourself. This is the perfect plan to arrange for the business without a space to dedicate to housing permanent generator.

When you sign up for our emergency generator service, we’ll install a plug outside your business and determine the correct and safe size of generator for your application. When you need back-up power, you call us. We’ll have you up and running within two hours of your call. When you don’t need the generator any longer, we come back and remove it. It’s that simple.

With the this program, you get peace of mind. Even after the worst storm, you’ll have the comfort of knowing our experts can quickly and safely install the equipment. That minimizes disruption at your business.

Like the permanent generators, the portable units run on gasoline or propane. They are quiet enough for your customers and employees to continue with regular activities.

Solutions that work: That’s the ESCON Group.

ESCON is a certified Generac generator dealer in sales, service and warranty. We demonstrate a commitment to superior sales and service throughout all of mid-Michigan, exceeding expectations every day. With every residential, commercial and industrial Generac generator, you get unsurpassed ESCON quality and support, every step of the way.

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