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Thunderstorms, snowstorms, strong winds, tornadoes … running a business in Michigan means dealing with occasional power outages. Most of the time, an outage is quickly over. Your phones may die. Your computers need a re-boot. Your employees and customers may be uncomfortably warm or cold for a short time.

If power stays out for more than a few hours, though, the situation quickly escalates from inconvenient to frightening. How long will your customers visit as your building becomes more uncomfortable? How long can your employees continue to work in temperature extremes? How many of your office tools require electricity?

Back-up generators are an unobtrusive solution to these problems. The style and size is similar to a central air conditioning unit. Even when running, Generac generators are so quiet your customers may not even realize you have one. You’ll know, though, as your businesses lights, computers, cash registers, furnace, air conditioners and more continue working. Until the power comes back on, your permanent generator converts natural gas or propane into electricity, keeping your employees productive and your customers comfortable.

When you buy from ESCON, you get the additional assurance of knowing our technicians are Generac certified. We offer free in-home assessments to recommend what size and style will work best for you. We can put your generator on a routine maintenance plan to keep it in top working condition. If you want to handle your own maintenance, we carry the supplies you will need.

Solutions that work: That’s the ESCON Group.

ESCON is a certified Generac generator dealer in sales, service and warranty. We demonstrate a commitment to superior sales and service throughout all of mid-Michigan, exceeding expectations every day. With every residential, commercial and industrial Generac generator, you get unsurpassed ESCON quality and support, every step of the way.

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