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Few things are more frightening than a problem with the systems that keep your employees and property safe and productive. At ESCON, we take away that worry. We offer everything from security plans to protect your business to computer systems that improve productivity. You can count on us to have your back when it matters.

Security Integration Specialists

Karen Jarson

Jacob Ridley

Ryan Tausch


Jacob Ridley joined the ESCON Systems Division as a Project Manager in the spring of 2012. He was attracted by what Bill and Xan Sponseller had built and the potential he saw for the future. “What we do is something that I have a passion for. We’re given the opportunity to run here,” Jacob said. Jacob has a unique perspective on electronic security. His dad has been in the commercial door and hardware business for 31 years, so Jacob has grown up exposed to many layers of the construction process. He has spent the last 14 years in the construction industry. He worked for a door and hardware company, worked as an electrician for 6 years, then took a position in building operation and maintenance. Before coming to ESCON, he ran his own business specializing in installation and service of electronic door hardware.

“We hold ourselves to a very high level of quality in design, execution and relationships,” Jacob said. “It makes it fun. I’m doing what I want to do and I’m doing it in an environment with a bunch of great people.” Jacob is married with three sons. In his free time, he loves to play in the woods with his boys as well as racing bicycles and building things.

Ryan Tausch says he’s never had a better job than working for ESCON.  Ryan works as a systems foreman/field technician and specializes in card access.  He installs and services many systems and chooses not to limit himself.  “Everything here is cutting edge. We’re always learning and growing,” Ryan said. “The attitude here is that we try to help each other thrive.” Ryan joined ESCON in 2013, after spending a decade in the construction industry.  Ryan grew up around electronics and enjoyed tinkering with his Grandpa, a commercial/residential electrician and Dad, an Electronic Technician. They were key in teaching him to be a life long learner.  “I absolutely enjoy making computers/electronics work with mechanics.”  Ryan is happily married with 3 children.  When Ryan is not at work you will probably find him reading books with his kids, drinking coffee with his wife or roasting coffee, (three of his favorite pastimes).

Industrial Security Specialists

Karen Jarson

Simon Tullett


Simon Tullett, is the Industrial and Government Security Specialist and Project Manager for the ESCON Systems Division, he is a U.S. Army veteran. He began working for ESCON in 2007 and has over 17 years in the Electronic Security Industry. Before joining the ESCON Systems team Simon worked for a similar company in suburban Detroit, Mi. While on assignment to The Dow Chemical Company Simon worked with Bill Sponseller and Bill liked his style.

When Bill asked Simon about helping to develop the Security Division within Essexville Electric – now ESCON Group, Simon said yes, “Bill’s got a good vision,” and “together Bill and I understand how ESCON Systems can grow and succeed.” Simon holds an Associate’s Degree from Macomb County Community College and a wide range of manufacture certifications. He and his wife live in the area. When he’s not working, Simon enjoys fishing.

Data Specialists

Karen Jarson

Matt Hoffman
Estimator/Project Manager

Brian Hages
Data Technician


Matt Hoffman, Project Manager in the Systems Division since 2012, brings experience from working for the networks division of a national company. Matt liked his job at the national company, but said he enjoys working closer to home. He also likes the cooperative atmosphere at ESCON. “Everybody here is approachable,” Matt said. “You can talk to anybody. It’s relaxed. It’s comfortable. It’s enjoyable.” In his free time, Matt likes to take part in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, bike riding and kayaking. 

Brian Hages, ESCON Data Technician since 2012, handles installations, repairs and troubleshooting for customers. He’s loved computers and networking since he was a child watching his dad run a computer business. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Northwood University in Business, Brian decided his calling was the hardware associated with computers and their networks. In his free time, Brian is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time riding bicycles, target shooting and with his 2 children.

On Location at DOW

Karen Jarson

Kirk Simons
Crew Leader

Vern Simons
Senior Technician

Steve Tacey
Network Specialists

Kirk Simons, Senior Technician and Crew Leader, focuses on physical security when he’s at work. He estimates, designs and supervises work on badge access, cameras, perimeter security and anything that keeps you business physically safe. He appreciates the environment ESCON’s leadership has created as well as the company’s diversification. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. Kirk is married with three children. 

Vern Simons, ESCON Senior Technician, has a quick answer for what he likes best about his job. It’s working with his son, Kirk. He works in the same division as his son and started the job on the same day. He holds an Associates Degree in Electronics from Davenport University. When not at ESCON, Vern runs a karaoke business. He also enjoys spending time with his 3 grown children as well hunting, fishing and camping.

If you have questions about how to keep your network secure, Steve Tacey is the one you want to call. Steve, ESCON Network Specialist, holds an Associate’s Degree in PC Support from Delta College and is working on at Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from Ferris State University. Steve, who has worked at ESCON since 2014, said he expects businesses to focus even more on cyber security in the near future. The difficulty is attacks on computers come from multiple locations. Computers aren’t like buildings where every door and window can be locked. You can’t possibly block every computer access point. Steve loves the challenge that presents him. He spends his free time experimenting with different computer set-ups, trying to figure out new and better ways of working. When he’s not working with computers, he does find balance in his life by participating in Tae Kwon Do.

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