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Our Showroom

We’re excited that we’re building a Generac® showroom at our home office on 6 Johnson Court in Bay City, Michigan. We can’t wait to finish the work so we can invite everyone to an open house to celebrate. While we work on the display, please don’t hesitate to stop in to see Generac® generators, transfer switches, power washers, power inverters, pumps and supplies.


Still not sure which back-up power generator is right for you? Come on into our showroom and see a standby generator in our model home. Our generator experts are always happy to answer your questions. Sometimes, though, there’s no substitute for seeing and touching the product you are thinking of buying.

Some of our most popular generators come with:

  • With a Generac® air cooled generator, you need never invest in a larger backup power system than you need. From essential circuit coverage to backing up your entire home, there is a backup generator that fits the bill. We carry 8kW to 22kW models.
  • The solid, reliable, increased horsepower of an automotive-style, liquid cooled engine provides whole house power protection for larger homes and essential circuit protection for businesses. We carry 25kW to 150kW models
  • Generac’s® EcoGen Off Grid, the solution for automatic backup power in an alternative energy system, like wind or solar power.

Transfer Switches

Our transfer switches safely and quickly transfer power from the utility source to your generator. We ensure that your home or business has power during an outage.

Power Washers

Summer means cookouts, camping trips and backyard gardens. It also means greasy grills, dirty cars and muddy gardening tools. A power washer guarantees you don’t spend more time cleaning your summer toys than you do using them.

At ESCON, we carry the right power washers to clean everything from cars, boats and patio furniture to fences, driveways and siding. For home use, we have power washers in 2,500 PSI, 2,800 PSI and 3,100 PSI. These are safe for cars, boats, ATVS, cement, brick, fences, houses, decks and to prep for painting.

ESCON also carries professional-grade power washers with higher PSI ratings for construction, farm and industrial use. Our experts can help you decide what is the best power washer for you.

Power Inverters

Power inverters provide instant 120VAC power by plugging into your vehicle’s auxiliary power. Several sizes are available, depending upon your needs. The end result is a lightweight, portable power that is capable of safely powering sensitive electronics.


Do you have water where you don’t want it? Whether you want to drain a swimming pool or a muddy field, Generac® has a water pump to meet your needs.

The Clean Water Pump delivers the high-flow capacity to remove standing water from basements, hot tubs, window wells and more.

The Semi-Trash Water Pump tackles tough jobs. This pump is designed to handle muddy or sandy water. It’s powerful enough to pump up to 158 gallons a minute, but still easy to use.

Parts & Accessories

Our goal is the same as yours – making sure your Generac® product is ready to go for your family or business when it’s needed.

As a certified Generac® generator dealer, we provide parts and service, as well as accessories, for all Generac® products. Many are in stock right here at 6 Johnson Ct. in Bay City, Michigan.

You can count on your generator for years of reliable, standby power with ESCON’s complete service package for worry-free maintenance — on any brand of generator — performed by our Generac-certified service and maintenance team.

If you prefer to do the maintenance work yourself, we carry a full line of filters, oil, spark plugs and batteries. Come talk to a member of our team. We can guide you on the best accessories to make your Generac® product efficient for the job you are using it for.

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